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What great photographs. The tree does bring back some memories. I climbed it many times in the 1940's after Sunday school, and during the conker season, throwing sticks up to knock down the conkers. On one occasion a stick dropped onto Rev. Clare's car just as he was coming out of church. Conquest Clare was the vicar and he made a poor attempt at telling us off. He was rather deaf and used a hearing aid which he held up to his ear. Some of the boys took advantage of this and made rude comments when they knew he was not using his hearing aid. He had an old Austin car which he would start using the starting handle and then climb back into the car to drive off, not hearing that the engine had stopped again. This amused us boys. As a point of interest, the tree as shown in the 1875-1900 photograph looks much larger than the 25 year-old chestnut tree in my garden.

By Ken Winter
On 24/01/2012