Grand Variety Entertainment held at the school

Saturday 28th March, 1942

By Kathryn Betts

The programme below is for a "grand variety entertainment" which was held at the school.  It has been signed by some of the "stage stars in battledress" including Benny Furst, Ken Bonner, Freddie Frinton, Roy Kemp and Phil Park.

Photo:The programme for the grand variety entertainment, showing the signatures on the back

The programme for the grand variety entertainment, showing the signatures on the back

Programme supplied by Mary Findlay (nee Adcock)

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Freddie Frinton (1909 - 1968) was a Comedian and Music Hall Artist who had some success with his role in the television sitcom 'Meet The Wife' alongside Thora Hird. But his greatest success came with his portrayal as a drunken waiter in the sketch 'Dinner For One' which has become a cult classic throughout the world and has been shown on TV every New Year's Eve in Germany since 1972.

By Terry Dash
On 11/04/2011

Very nice to know that Freddie Frinton appeared locally. His partner in the 'Dinner For One' sketch was May Warden - she played the old dowager for whose guests Freddie served dinner so hilariously. I once met May Warden's daughter, Audrey Maye, who was also a performer. When I said how much I loved 'Dinner For One' she told me that after her mother retired Freddie wanted to carry on with the sketch, so Audrey herself took over the part of the dowager. The video performance is of course by May Warden, but I'm pleased to have had this small contact with one of the all-time classic comedy acts.

By James Hogg
On 12/04/2011

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