Bill Wing's Memories of the Railway Tavern

Joyce and Bill Wing's memories of the Railway Tavern

an extract of an interview with Bill Wing junior by Terry Dash and Joan Gane on December 4th 2007. Sadly Bill passed away on October 8th 2010.

Photo:Joyce and Bill Wing, December 4th 2007

Joyce and Bill Wing, December 4th 2007

Joan Gane

a pint of bitter and a packet of Woodbines for two shillings

By Tim Gane

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Our favourite pub was the Railway Tavern.  We used to play darts in there.  We used to have a candle on the side of the dart board.  Ben used to come in there in the winter time, he used to have three lumps of coal on a little old shovel and he’d put one on the fire and take the other two back!  This was the Tap Room and there was no bar but there was a tiny passageway with a room right opposite the door where you went in and got the beer.  There was also another room which was the Saloon Bar which was used mainly by the women but men on their own used the Tap Room.  Sometimes you could hardly move in there. Smoking was allowed then and before the War we used to get a pint of beer and a packet of 5 Woodbines for fourpence [2p].   After the war it was two shillings [10p].  I used to drink Mild and Bitter.

Transcription by Gloria Willers

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Did Mr Wing have an ancestor/relative called Mary Ann Wing??

By mary page
On 16/09/2011

There was a Mary Wing (nee Ingrey) who was the stepmother of Bill Wing's father (Old Bill). She died in 1895. Information courtesy of Angela Watson.

By Terry Dash
On 20/09/2011

I remember Mr and Mrs Wing.  When I was a young child, I used to live next door at 6 Bell Close.  They where the sweetest couple ever.  I remember Mr Wing had a fish pond and he used to let me watch his fish.  He had a red Ford Escort and his garage was like an Aladdin's cave full of tools.

By shaun morris
On 24/02/2014