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By Kathryn Betts

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David Herne

I am searching for information on David Herne and his wife Doris Herne nee Hines.  Until their deaths they lived in Melbourn.  They married in Cambridge around 1961, whilst living at Flint Cross.  I know that during this time David was a bus driver on the 108 bus Royston-Cambridge route and believe Doris worked in a restaurant. I have found out that David used to work as a driver for Don Weatherhead in Royston, and previously to this at the Atlas Stone Company in Meldreth.  Doris was originally from Suffolk and used to work at Pie's in Cherry Hinton.  I would be so grateful to anyone who could tell me when and where David and Doris met, and if anyone has any photographs of David and Doris or any kind of information about their lives.

If you can help, please email me.  Thank you.

from Natalie Kemp
August 2011

Natalie, thank you for your enquiry.  I have looked up David and Doris on the website FindMyPast and have found the following information:
Bernard D Herne married Doris E R Hines in Cambridge.  The marriage was registered in the March quarter (January to March) 1961.  If you ordered their marriage certificate it would give you their ages and address(es) at the time of marriage and from there you may be able to find the registration of their births if you wished.  To order a certificate, you will need the above details plus the volume number (4A) and the page number (635).  Hope this helps.

Mills Cottages

Do you have any information, please, regarding a pair (or row) of dwellings in Meldreth, known as Mills Cottages? Apparently they were still in existence in the 1950s. My great-great-grandfather, Thomas W Mills, was born in Meldreth in 1843 & spent his early years with his (single) mother at Mills Cottages. When his mother eventually married, Thomas, sick of the harsh treatment he received from his stepfather, ran away to London.

from Alison Hoskins

Alison, thank you for your enquiry.  Unfortunately, we have been unable to find any information about these cottages.  Perhaps the name has been changed.  If anyone can help further, please add a comment at the bottom of this page.

Please see the comment below, added in October 2012, which suggests that these may have been located in what is now Flambards Close, near Flambards Mill.

Roger Honeychurch

I am a descendant of Roger Honeychurch said to be the Clerk Vicar of Mildreth (Meldreth). His date of birth is 1554.  Does anyone have any more information about him please?

from Carolyn Fitzgarrald

Carolyn, we have looked through our records but unfortunately have no record of Roger Honeychurch.  There is a board in the church, but it lists only the vicars and not the clerk vicars.  Can anyone else help?

Meldreth Park, Adelaide, South Australia

I am currently researching the name & suburb in which I live, in Adelaide, South Australia.  Recently I discovered that my suburb, now named Brooklyn Park, was called Meldreth Park, with three  streets, being Thanet, Whaddon & Lysle. This was a subdivision laid out by Arthur and Frances Sophia Walker in 1912, but changed names before 1936. From your website I have discovered that Whaddon is about 1.5km from Meldreth Village. Do you know of any links with Thanet & Lysle from your area?

I am a member of our local historical group, West Torrens Historical Soc, which can be located at  & click on "Library" and then in the drop-down box "Library Web Catalogue".  This site has photos of West Torrens, etc.  Our Society has just launched its own web page, but has no images there as yet, but links with the local council, which has been scanning images for us.

We are currently researching street names in the West Torrens Council area, hence my research questions, regarding Meldreth Park.

Hope you may be able to assist with some possible answers.

Bev Bills


Bev, many thanks for your enquiry.  We are not aware of any links with Thanet and Lyle but we believe that Meldreth Park may have been given its name via a connection with the Mortlock family.  Please see our introduction to the family for more details.


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Comments about this page

I am now in my mid fifties and unfortunately both my parents have passed. My father was Ronald Edward Mark Pepper, and he married Rosemary Joyce Cosgrove in December 1955. His father was Edward Pepper of Brewery Farm, and I don't know a lot of the history apart from what I can find on the internet. I am at the age now where I am trying to find about my roots, as I am sure I have hundreds of second and third cousins or more. My name is Karen Pepper (55) and I have two brothers, Edwin (52) and Andrew Mark (46), both Peppers. I would love it if somebody could give me more info.

By karen pepper
On 30/01/2012

Many thanks for your enquiry, Karen. There are a number of members of the Pepper family who live in the village and surrounding area. I will contact some of them to see if they can help you. In the meantime, you may like to view the photographs of "your" Pepper family on the Meldreth Community Archive.

By Kathryn Betts
On 30/01/2012

In reply to Karen Pepper's comment, my grandmother was Sarah Emma Pepper and is the little girl sitting in the front of the Meldreth Community Archive photograph. Her sister Daisy married the Rev. Fish and emigrated to New Zealand. Her two youngest brothers Ernest and Samuel Mark both died in WW1. (For more details see the page on Meldreth War Memorial - First World War Heroes - The Fallen of Meldreth.)  Sarah married Arthur Butler in 1914 and they had two sons Sidney c. 1918 and my father Wilfred in 1923, both of whom are now deceased.  Wilfred married my mother Edith Butler in 1943 and they had three children.  I was born first on 10/3/44, my sister June on 19/4/1946 and my sister Josephine on 18/4/52. Sadly June contracted meningitis and died the day after her third birthday on 20/4/1949.

By Gloria Willers
On 03/02/2012

I don't know if I'm related to any of the Peppers mentioned. My grandfather was Harold Pepper and he owned Whitecroft Gables. He was a small holder and was well known at Royston market. He died when I was five so that would be 1965. My farther died when i was 21 so I never got to ask about my family.

By Jayne Richardson nee Pepper
On 04/04/2012

I have recently found out that my nan's aunt moved to Meldreth in 1911; an Emma Lambeth, who was married to William Lambeth. They arrived from East London, to retire in Meldreth. Emma passed away in 1924, and William a year later. I wonder if there are any relatives of people from those days who may have known them. They lived at Orchard Dene, a farmhouse. Any information about their lives in Meldreth would be much appreciated.

By David Lee
On 22/04/2012

Thank you for your enquiry David. As you may have seen, we already have some information on the Lambeth family on our page on Orchard Dene. If anybody has any more information on the family, they are welcome to add a comment to this page or submit a detailed family history.

By Kathryn Betts
On 22/04/2012

Does anyone have any information on Mary Ann Jakes nee Hart?  She died in Cambridge in 1930, but lived in Meldreth around 1889, where she kept lodgers and possibly hired out boats. I wonder if anyone can remember talk of her from their older generations.

By Barbara Mckinnell
On 25/04/2012

I am trying to trace any relatives of the Pepper family who lived on Dolphin Lane in the early 1900's. One son was called John William Pepper; his father was Henry Pepper who married Elizabeth Smith who came from Yorkshire and was cook to the Vicar of Meldreth.

By Ian Jackson
On 12/05/2012

Does anyone know if Brian Pepper is related to Ernest and Mark Pepper who died in WW1?

By Ian Jackson
On 28/05/2012

My grandmother, Sarah Butler (nee Pepper) was Ernest and Mark's youngest sister. I believe that Brian Pepper's grandfather was Albert Pepper who was also a brother of Ernest and Mark. Details of how Mark and Ernest died in WW1 are on this website and there is a photo of 11 of the 12 children with their parents in Joan King's Memories of Meldreth which is also on the website. Mark is missing from this photo as he was born two years later. Back row l/r are Tom, Walter, Albert, Ada and Arthur. Middle row Fanny and Samuel with l/r Ernest, Edward Sarah, Andrew, Susan and Daisy.

By Gloria Willers
On 30/05/2012

Samuel Pepper would have been my great, great uncle, his brother Henry married Elizabeth Smith, they had 13 children. The youngest, John Pepper was my grandfather; he seems to have been a bit of a black sheep! Seems he stole money from Melbourn Conservative Club and was sent to reform school. After he married Elsie Langrosh from Hertford. He went to Australia in 1923 leaving Elsie behind. Does anyone know any more about Henry and Elizabeth and their errant son? Thanks.

By Ian Jackson
On 01/06/2012

In reply to Ian Jackson on 28-5-2012. My name is Brian Leslie (my father's name) Albert (my grandfarther's name) Pepper. My father was a son of Albert & Daisy (nee Moxon) Pepper. Albert was a brother of Ernest & Mark, my Great Uncles. Samuel Pepper would be my Great Grandfather. I hope that this is of some help.

By Brian Pepper
On 14/06/2012

A message for Brian Pepper. As I work it out then Brian is my third cousin. If it is the same Brian whose photograph appears on this site then I can say there is a family resemblance. I wonder if Brian could be given my email address, I would like to hear any memories he has of the Peppers in Meldreth and Melbourn. Thank you.

By Ian Jackson (Pepper)
On 18/06/2012

So I'm going to take the bull by the horns. There are a lot of Peppers in Meldreth but I really don't know were I fit in or if I do at all. My grandfather was Harold Pepper.  I don't know the name of his parents. He was the last landlord of the Queen Adelaide Pub before moving to Whitecroft Gables.  He was married to Lily Goats and they had three children: Thomas (my father), William and Ethel, all of whom are dead.  I know he was a smallholder and was known at Royston market.  He died in 1965 when I was 5 and that is about all I know. Can anyone help please?

By Jayne Richardson nee Pepper
On 19/06/2012

Hello Jayne, There is a Harold Pepper born about 1889 to a William and Mary Pepper living on the High Street in the 1901 census, could this be your Harold? Ian Jackson (Pepper)

By Ian Jackson (Pepper)
On 21/06/2012

With regard to Jayne Richardson's comment, to avoid any confusion, I would like to confirm that Harold Pepper was not related to Samuel Pepper's family.

By Gloria Willers
On 29/06/2012

Thank you to Gloria Willers and Ian Jackson for their reply

By Jayne Richardson nee Pepper
On 30/06/2012

Further to the enquiry about Mills Cottages. I think the cottages referred to were in what is now Flambards Close. There were two semi-detached cottages, one known as Daffodil Cottage, that were demolished when the estate was built in the 1960's.

By Ann Handscombe
On 04/10/2012

I am searching for information about two brothers that came from Meldreth. James Wing born 1824, and John Wing born 1837. Perhaps their father was Robert Wing. If you have any information on these men or their families in England please reply.

By D. Dawson
On 22/10/2012

Thank you for your enquiry about the Wing family. I have found a baptism at Holy Trinity Church, Meldreth for a James Wing on 9th November 1826. He was the son of Robert and Mary. Robert was a shopkeeper. I cannot find a baptism in the village for a John Wing. However, I did find a record for Thomas Wing, the son of Robert and Mary, who was born on 10th August 1821 and baptised in Holy Trinity Church on 7th October 1821. Robert's occupation is given as publican. We know that members of the Wing family held the licence for both the Green Man and the Bell Public Houses around this time but I am not sure how/if this particular family is connected with them. If it helps, Robert Wing married Mary Wakefield in Holy Trinity Church on 19th July 1820. Witnesses were Dan Wing and Jane Wing.

By Kathryn Betts
On 22/10/2012

WARD FAMILY. Samuel and Elizabeth. 1797 to? Known children: Samuel b 1824; Charles b.1826; Susan b,1829; David b,1831; Lydia b.1834; James b.1839; Charlotte b.1847. Charles emigrated to Australia in 1849, married there in 1850, died in 1866. I would like to learn more about his parents, and why he wasn't named with them on the 1841 Census.

By Val Date
On 29/10/2012

Val, thank you for adding an enquiry about the Ward family. I have found the following Ward baptisms in Meldreth: 

  • 12 January 1823 William, son of Samuel and Elizabeth 
  • 13 June 1824 Samuel, son of Samuel and Elizabeth - born 10 June 1824 
  • 27 June 1847 Susanna, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth 
  • 30 January 1853 David, son of Samuel and Elizabeth - adult

Marriages in Meldreth for William and Samuel are as follows: 

  • William married Mary Smith on 14 January 1851 
  • Samuel married Mary Ann Scott on 1 May 1852 (Lydia Ward was one of the witnesses). 

I also found a marriage for a Samuel Ward of Meldreth and Elizabeth Harman of Melbourn (the neighbouring village) in Melbourn on 24 November 1821. One of the witnesses was a Joseph Harman and Elizabeth married "with consent of parents", presumably because she was under age. 

The parish records for both Meldreth and Melbourn are available on FindMyPast, so the above details may enable you to find out further information on the family.

By Kathryn Betts
On 29/10/2012

A message for Karen Pepper, I have many of your relatives in my family tree. From the information you supplied we must be 3rd cousins. You are quite welcome to look at the family tree as I have it at the moment.

By Ian Jackson (Pepper)
On 09/11/2012

I live in Queensland, Australia. My father was Gerald Thomas East, descendant of William East (date of birth 8/7/1823) and Mary-Ann (nee Waller) of Meldreth.  I would like further contact.

By Marie Kearney [nee East]
On 06/04/2013

I am trying to find information about Amos East, born August 02, 1854. He married Sarah Green. Also William G. East, born March 7, 1857. He married Naomi Pepper. Both brothers were born in Bassingbourn, Cambridgeshire. Thank you.

By Michael East
On 03/09/2013

Can anyone please assist me? My mother's maiden name was Iris Joyce Oxford. Her mother's name was Connie, whose husband was a fireman. They divorced when my mother was very young. My mother met my father during the second World War when she was only 16. She married him and went to live in Lancashire. 

In the early 1960's I visited Meldreth to visit my mother's grandmother (I don't know her name) and was introduced to family members who were flag makers. This may be a clue because this was, if I recall correctly, a long established family business. My mother sadly passed away at a very young age and never mentioned much of her childhood, other than to say that it was a less than happy one. 

I would appreciate any information and can be contacted by email.

By Hazel Briggs
On 09/11/2013

Gloria Willers: my great gran was Susan Rose Pepper. She had 12 brothers and sisters and was married to Clement A Harper. They had 2 children: Dorothy Mabel Harper and Cyril Ernest Harper. Clement Harper, I believe went by the name of  Gus, my great grandad. They all lived at Bluebell Cottage. Dorothy married Ernest Farnham and they had one child, Monica Rose Farnham, my mum.

By Shaun Morris
On 26/02/2014

I'm really interested in finding out if anyone has any information on the King family, which I know was from Meldreth. My mother is doing our family tree and we are really interested in any information you might have on them. I'm aware of a Walter King also a Thomas King who fought in WW1 and WW2. 

By michelle jones
On 29/07/2014

My Grandfather was John William Pepper and as far as I know he was the last born child of Henry and Elizabeth Pepper of Melbourn. Henry Pepper was the son of Joseph Pepper and Ann Whitmore of Meldreth.

My grandfather ended up in a reform school in 1915. After he returned to Melbourn he married my grandma, Elsie May Langrish of Hertford. Their first child was born in Dolphin Lane Melbourn Florence May Pepper.

Soon after my father was concieved John William Pepper left for Australia. He abandoned his pregnant wife and child. He remarried bigamously in Australia. His first wife moved back to Hertford, and then met a certain Arthur Jackson who may have come from Melbourn or Meldreth. They moved through the country and ended up in Doncaster. My father, who was named after his father, John William Pepper, went by the surname Jackson because his mother never told him that his surname, and indeed her married name was Pepper. Arthur Jackson, as I recall was not a pleasant man!

The truth came out in 1967 when my father needed a copy of his birth certificate for his works pension. He never knew about any of his Pepper relatives in Melbourn and Meldreth.

I only realised how many people I was possibly related to on my father's side after starting to compile a family tree. I am related in one way or another to the Peppers and to the families they married into.

Shame that I never knew any of them. I would love to find out and perhaps correspond with any people who are related to the Peppers from Meldreth.

By Ian Jackson (Pepper)
On 29/07/2014

Family Names I'm researching are Lee, Rayner and Jarman, Housden and Thurley. My Samuel Rayner and Sarah Jarman Lived in the High St in Meldreth according to the 1841 and 1851 censuses.

By Rod Kennedy
On 09/09/2014

I am researching my family tree and have noticed a number of 'Newells' in Meldreth. I am descended from Newells in and around Saffron Walden/Newport/Thaxted to name but a few and wondered if there were any links to the Newells here.

my email is

many thanks


By newell
On 12/11/2014

My father's side of the family has been traced to Meldreth. Edward Coningsby (born 1801) was convicted and transported to Tasmania. I am currently attempting to put together information on interesting ancestors for my grandchildren. If anyone is able to provide me with information on where the Coningsbys lived and particularly photos of buildings that existed in 1801 I would be particularly grateful. I can be contacted by email. Thanks.

By Judy Hearn
On 31/12/2014