Community Events in Melwood: Birdwalks

By Bruce Huett

Photo:Birdwalk April 2005

Birdwalk April 2005

Tim Gane

As a Local Nature Reserve, Melwood Conservation Group (MCG) organise community related activities as an important part of their Management Plan.  One of the regular activities are Bird Walks which are held most years in the Spring.  Members of the public are invited to join MCG members to walk through the wood under the guidance of a local bird expert (e.g. Doug Radcliffe).  Over 40 bird calls have been identified on a single walk with a significant proportion of the birds also being spotted.  One particularly impressive sighting was of a buzzard on the fence at the edge of the field to the east.

A list of the birds seen in Melwood can be viewed on the MCG website.

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