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William Holder 1755-1813

By Toni-Lynne Martin on 23/07/2015 at 05:14

My name is Toni-Lynne and I'm the 5th great granddaughter of William Holder who lived in Meldreth prior to his passing in 1813. His daughter Susanna Holder is my 4th great grandmother. I have been searching for years for information on this branch of my family ancestry. I have obtained a copy of William Holder's Last Will and Testament dating back to May of 1813. Susanna Holder married William Hollows Blackman against her father's wishes and after their first son was born her father requested they leave England - as he was embarrassed given he considered she married beneath herself - and offered to pay them a great sum of money. They accepted and moved to Iowa, USA.

In the information I obtained from a family relative, it was stated by two people that "William Holder (Houlder) was referred to as the then "Lord of Wakefield". My grandfather, Susanna Holder's husband, William Hollows Blackman was the General Manager of the Wakefield Estate when he married Susanna. It was when their son George Arion Blackman was between 5-6 yrs old that Susanna and William Blackman moved to the US as per their agreement with William Holder.

If any one has info on my ancestors I would greatly appreciate it if you would contact me - info, photos anything. I will gladly share a copy of William's Last Will and Testament as well a copy of the information I have. This means a great deal to me and my family. Thank you.

Here is the information I do know from William's will:

Susanna Holder

The original Last Will and Testament of William Holder drawn in 1813 the sixth day of May. William Holder’s wife was Mary Holder (maiden name Jarman) Susanna Holder is my 4th great grandmother, William is my 5th great grandfather. Susanna was born 30 July 1796 in Meldreth, Cambridgeshire, England.

The old spelling of “Holder” was likely “Houlder”.

In William’s will (Susan’s father) he names his three daughters: Sarah Holder, Susanna Holder and Elizabeth Holder - all to receive five hundred pounds.

William lists his two eldest sons: William Holder, referred to as his eldest son (to whom he left as well as his sons all his copyholds) and Thomas Holder.

William refers to his three younger sons: Charles, John and Robert William, who he left one thousand pounds each.

William also refers to his beloved wife Mary.

Executors of his will are his eldest sons William and Thomas and his wife Mary. Witnesses to William’s Will are: William Nash, John Wallis and J Wilson.

William’s will was proved on the 15 March, 1816 by oaths of Mary Holder, William Holder (son) Thomas Holder (son). 

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